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There is NO "login.php" file

Solution Are you looking for "login.php" file or the source code for the login box??? If yes, then read this article...

There is NO "login.php" file in the zip package for Paypal Member Script.

Indeed, a separate "login.php" file is NOT required. Here is how:

Depending on a visitor's logged-in status, the script either shows the login box or the regular content of that page.

When a visitor tries to access a protected page - the script checks his logged-in status:

If the visitor is logged into the member's area, then PMS shows him the regular content of the page. But if the visitor is not logged-in to the member's area, then PMS shows him the login box.


Code for the login box:
Source code of the login box is available in the file - "unauthorized.php" file.
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